Indoor Solution

Hotel Room


Diffuser + Ion Cluster AIO-2

-  There is a risk of virus infection because of the smell of user in the room that many people use

-  In the case of central air conditioning, the AIO-2 model is used in the diffuser of the room to remove the residual odor, viruses and bacteria

-  Easy to install and optimized for use in about 30 cbm space 

Public Establishment (Institution)



Duct + Ion Cluster DI Series + Smart Controller

-  Installed in AHU rear duct or supply diffuser front duct

-  Removal of hazardous substances by supplying Ion Cluster

-  Indoor air quality monitoring using smart controller and checking whether Ion Cluster discharger is abnormal or replaced


Bio-Clean Room




Clean Booth + FFU + UV + Ion Cluster AIO-2

-  In case of Bio-Clean room and Bio-Clean Booth, sterilize using UV lamp

-  UV only sterilizes the irradiated area, so it only sterilizes the air that is inhaled

-  Generate Ion Clusters and spread them all over the room to sterilize


Hoods for Ranges



Ireland type range Hood + Ion Cluster AIO-2 + Activated Carbon Filter

-  In the case of the Ireland type range hood, it is circulated without exhaust, and the smell is removed with activated carbon filter

-  Since the odor is spread out, the odor cannot be removed by purifying only the surrounding air

-  The ion cluster discharger is used to remove the smell that spreads


Air Curtain


Air Curtain + Ion Cluster AIO - 2

-  Applied air curtain at entrance to sterilize people's clothes

-  Air sterilization from the outside


Stand Type Air Purification

Ion Cluster Videos

-  Ion Cluster Video (Korea)

-  Ion Cluster Video (Japan)

-  Ion Cluster Video (France)